Chevy Bolt EV Vehicle Diagnostics Displayed on Car Screen Android Auto

Chevy Bolt EV Vehicle Diagnostics Displayed on Car Screen Android Auto

*None of these procedures require rooting your cell phone, or changing any software on your Bolt EV; however they do open up applications that give you access to areas of your phone that would allow you to harm it. EV-MODS does not take responsibility for any issues you may cause to your phone, the software used or any harm or damage caused by following along.Many of the applications are credited to contributors that have offered up software and tips. EV-MODS does not take credit for the software used; however we may be the first to have done this successfully on our Chevy Bolt EV. 

Hardware Requirements:

  • USB 2.0 Cable for Android Phone to connect to car port.  (May be possibly on IPhone but this is an Android Tutorial

 Software Requirements:

  • Make sure current version of Android Auto Installed on your phone. Ensure you can use it on your Chevy Bolt Screen with Phone Plugged in USB
  • Download and install TorquePro App from Google Play Store $4.95
  • Plug in OBD2 Reader into the Vehicles Diagnostic Port
  • Follow the  thread and follow member Teleks instructions on how to download and install the custom PIDs into the Torque Pro App.
  • Open the Torque Pro App, install the custom PID’s and connect through Bluetooth to the OBD2 Bluetooth reader.
  • Get used to working with the Torque Pro app through your phone interface. Confirm you are getting readings using Torque Pro
  • Download the XDA App
  • Download the paid version of OBD2 Android Auto App from the XDA Developers Store now on your phone.
  • I found that no matter what settings I set in TorquePro numbers were displayed in Celsius. I re-wrote Teleks table PID equations to include Celsius to Fahrenheit Conversion. (A-40)*1.8+32
  • Follow the instructions on how to get the OBD2 to display on Android Auto.
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