BHR93 Whiteline Rear Swaybar 22mm For Chevy Bolt, Chevy Cruze, Chevy Volt

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Requires Modifications to fit Chevy Bolt EV including new hole and longer mounting bolts. Modifying this product will void its warranty! Since this product was not designed for the Chevy Bolt EV buyer assumes all liability and risk associated with a custom application of the product.

Special Installation Suggestions. Per the above statement this is a custom installation and we can not guarantee the safety or proper function of the product using our suggested installation technique. We assume no liability should you choose to follow the below installation suggestion. By buying this product you acknowledge that you understand this statement. 

For the Whiteline sway bar; the goal is to get it rigid mounted with no flex between the sway bar ends and Bolts swing arm. Many are familiar with sway bars that use a combination of end links and pivot off bushings on the chassis; however, that is not how it works on the Bolt's Rear twist beam suspension. You could theoretically weld the bar to the bottom of each swing arm; but that is not ideal for maintenance or removal of the bar...  Using any mounting technique that allows flex at each individual side, defeats the effectiveness of the bar. The bar resist flex against the opposing side alone, rather than against a chassis mount location such as found on many vehicles with true independent suspension vs the Bolts modified twist beam rear suspension. 

First without the use of custom asymmetrical mounting hardware (someone had made custom asymmetrical hardware and did an install write up that then confused people that did not have the custom hardware) you will need to measure the width between the left and right holes on the bottom of the swing arms where the bar will mount (center of lower spring mounts where you removed the locator plug). Then with the Whiteline sway bar laid flat, measure from one of the existing holes in the Whiteline Bar across to the other. You will find the spacing/distance between the left and right holes in the Whiteline Bar is not the same as your measurement. It is typically off by about 3/4". You will need to drill through the tough spring metal to create a new hole that matches the distance you measured between the swing arm mounting locations. It is advised you do this on just one side so there is enough material between the existing hole and your new hole. Once this hole is drilled you will not be able to return the bar for a full refund. 

You can use the included female tapped mounting hardware that goes inset of the lower spring. It is "D" shaped with a little flange that sort of fits in the hole on the spring side of the lower swing arm. Some have replaced the included hardware here with a heavy-duty washer and lock nut. It's possible to mount using only the factory supplied Bolts *& Hardware; however, it's hard to grab the first few threads as the bolts are a bit short. Longer bolts (not included) make the installation easier. 


Sway bars are principally designed to reduce body roll or sway. ... This Whiteline 22mm fixed position sway bar = more grip = better handling = outright performance - it's the best dollar for dollar handling improvement you can make to your vehicle.