TSW Nurburgring 17x8 Gunmetal Lightweight Chevy Bolt Wheel

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LIghtweight Wheels for Chevy Bolt. TSW Nurburgring Gunmetal With Mirror Cut Face are just 18 lbs per wheel. Reducing the unsprung weight of your Chevy Bolt can improve acceleration and corner grip, reduce MPG / improve efficiency, and greatly enhance the looks of your Chevy Bolt EV.

  • 17x8 (17" Diameter by 8" Width)
  • Bolt Pattern: 5x105 (Chevy Bolt EV)
  • Finish: Gunmetal With Mirror Cut Face
  • Center Bore: 72.00
  • Load Rating; 1350 lbs each
  • Weight: 18 lbs

The Nurburgring is manufactured using a highly advanced production technique called rotary forging. The rim of the wheels is forged at high pressure while the wheel is spin at high speed. this alters the molecular structure and enhances the strength of the alloy. The benefit is a much lighter weight than a regular cast wheel. Most importantly, the weight saving is in the outer rim of the wheel which dramatically reduces rotational mass and enhances vehicle performance.