TPMS Sensor Schrader 33500 (Fits other models too)

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Schrader TPMS Sensor - High Speed Clamp-In DB+ EZ-Sensor Program

Tesla Model 3 TPMS and many more applications.

  • Schrader patented technology offers a truly programmable solution offered with Schrader's patented snap-in valve design and accomodates an aluminum valve clamp-in service kit 34000 as an optional valve
  • EZ-sensor performs identically to the original OEM-equivalent
  • EZ-sensor comes is fully programmable to the selected vehicle type and can be reprogrammed mulitple times
  • Increases speed, ensures accuracy, and reduces cost of servicing TPMS-equipped vehicles
  • One easy to program snap-in sensor covers more than 90% of all TPMS-equipped vehicles